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Directions to Opponent Schools - Athletics - this is in .pdf format and has written directions, addresses and phone numbers for schools that we will have games/meets with this season. Please note that the directions start from Louisa-Muscatine School.

Concussion Facts: Participation in school athletic activities provides opportunities for students to get daily exercise, increase lung capacity, and develop healthy habits. That opportunity, though, does not come without a potential risk of injury. Louisa-Muscatine coaches and trainers do everything in their power to prevent accidents from happening. Unfortunately, they are called accidents for a reason; we cannot prevent every injury.

A new Iowa law that went into effect July 1, 2011 mandates schools to give information to all 7th-12th grade families regarding the risk and signs of concussions when participating in extracurricular athletic activities. That information sheet requires athlete's and parent's signatures acknowledging receipt of the information on an annual basis. Athletes cannot practice or tryout until that form is completed. Forms can be downloaded from the district website (click here) or obtained at individual sport parent meetings. Thanks for your help in keeping our athletes safe and informed.

2012-2013 Admission Prices for Home Events:
Varsity ~ Adult: $5 / Student: $3

Junior Varsity ~ Adult $3 / Student $2
Junior High ~ $2 per person

Please Note:Admission charges for high school football are set by the district football group.
Varsity games: $5 per person
JV games: $4
per person
JH games: $2
per person